Written by: kristen bruni

After what seems like an eternity to understand
one's true glow,
I've decided that it only can come from roads slow. 
We are born with a wick that is ignited when we emerge. 
From the womb into this life to face real life when we converge. 

A candle comes alive when lit with fire. 
Yet when it's put out, it still burns with desire. 
So envision yourself as a candle with a wick 
symbolizing your life. 
You may turn it on and turn it off
depending on your current strife. 

Light it up when your ready to pursue
a dream you've felt forever. 
Keep it burning bright and bold
through strife and tough endeavors. 

Do not hold each other in contempt
Try and hold onto your peace inside
Allow love and inspiration to consume your heart
Let it be seen under the universe worldwide. 

Never be ashamed to feel what you feel. 
A human can not help what their body is saying.
We are all connected somehow
And can unite with passionate praying. 

Whatever your soul feels
Whatever you believe. 
Know in you heart
Someone else understands how you bleed.