Written by: Hosea Ochieng

It roars thunder and bellows a storm,
it's vengeful like scorned gods.
A gory feature of demonic forms!
And I see it more and more envelop,
everything about me.
Everything sanity marshals!
Till words said to me,
get repelled in possessed denial
and all innuendo overted towards me,
gets ejected with stern and grotesque facials!
And into a cold being, denial turns me
and makes me neurotic, yet leaves my intentions serial!
"Who I am," becomes totally strange to me,
and my essence negates all barriers of life.
Self loathe understating the strife!
And with depression lodged firmly in gripe,
I become a "with nothing to lose" type of brother!
No shame but a thirst for blood:
the plight of a crusading Aquarian knight!
A torture you wouldn't wish to witness.
And so if ever that low again I sink,
Hell's furnace will forge my knife.
And anger, rage and agonizing pain will capture my gist!
Pride, failure and a courageous fight,
will boldly describe my Hellenic might!
One where not even a "child god" could title my ego!
A beastly strength with canon devastation,
madness that rivals Hell's foundation.
Not a war but a universal feud!
Armageddon’s renewable fuel,
a superb engine with only one defect:
a minute window of love,
that everyone will successfully not find! 
The ALPHA of a professed OMEGA!