What is love

Written by: Mamphekgo Calvin Makotanyane

What is Love?

Love is a gift from the Omniscious One 
It makes two to become one
And has power to build 
What the evil one has destroyed.

It is a fruit worth nurturing,
A treasure worth dying for
And armour worth putting on.

The scorching heat of the sun
Failed to fade it away.
In the midst of rough rude sea
Love keeps its head above the waters.

It has hands to feed the hungry foes,
Eyes to see the troubled hearts,
Heart to welcome the encroaching avaricious enemy
And feet to visit the stubborn outcasts.

The despised poor clothed in love
Is richer than the richest
Clothed in their ill-gotten riches.

When others speak justice
Love speaks mercy and grace
And forgives before the guilty asks for it.

So…. Treasure it like a rare diamond
        Keep it as the apple of your eye
        And Life shall always salute you.