Mona Lisa

Written by: Jude Michael

She sits there, smiling at me from the frame,
I’m in love with the face, still cant forget the name.
Those deep eyes, those curvy lips,
The bright red paint on her fingertips.

I gaze and gaze, until it turns into a stare,
I cant figure out, why am still standing there.
She looks back at me, deep into my eyes,
And it looks like her tears, have just begun to dry.

“Can I reach out and hold your hand” , I think,
“Your sadness is drowning you, making you sink”.
She just smiles back as she always does,
And my mind is spinning, my head abuzz.

I walk away, but turn back to look,
At the pages of love lost, in that rugged book.
Your eyes seem to follow me, wherever I go,
I have your memories, but I have you no more.

So go on, make me wallow in sorrow,
Make me dread today, waking up tomorrow.
I cant forget the sea, back there in Ibiza,
Whose waves took away my life, my love, my Mona Lisa.