Good-Bye Foever

Written by: Anya Chebukina

I don't know what it is bout you
But you make me happy
Your more then 3,000 miles away
But i still can't forget you

We don't talk in week
But when we do,
It's like a cyclone
Taking me to another world

The smile you give me
Lifts my spirits
Your laugh it gives me happiness
Its all so new to me

But I guess it doesn't work
As we want to
The distance is telling me
Its going to end

Its ending now and here
Although it pains me to say it
It can't keep going on like this
And both of us know it

So good-bye my dear
I wont forget you
So in return don't forget me
I beg of you, don't forget

Good-bye my dear
I won't forget
Good-bye my love
Goo-bye forever.