Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

He arrived with golden wings
And knocked upon my door
I couldn't wait to answer it
So I ran across the floor.

He asked if he could come inside
And spend a little time,
I offered him a cup of tea
But from the tap he poured some wine.

He asked me to come with him
And speak of love so true,
How he shoots his arrows
Into one heart that become two.

"On this special day" he said
A day for lovers' young and old,
Golden arrows shoot through the stars
Into homes around the globe.

"I have an excellent record
And do my work with care,
When my golden arrow strikes one heart
It continues on from there"

When I awoke next morning
On my pillow I did weep,
The most precious moment of my life
Was it a dream? Was I asleep?

I walked into the kitchen
Of my dream I couldn't part,
Then I saw the note that said
I placed a Golden Arrow
Into your lonely heart.

Lynn Barany