Written by: Oluwatomisin Oyegoke

We value those who keep in touch
Feel lost when the address book mistakenly saw a torch
Love lost at a distance
Not said, there never was a chance
Everything is vivid from a distant glance
Talked to you every day before the changes
I feel awkward now because it so happens 
We lost it and haven’t had it in ages
To bring back the lost time, share the happiness
Throat feels dry, we now stare like strangers
Feeling happy when, an old friend pops in
Back together again after the holidays
No more of that pain like the puncture of a pin
Or a nasty burn on the skin
Sitting once again to remember former occurrence replays
Talking to a stranger, conversation really flowing
Seems you have known previous days, humor up and blowing
Do not want to bring it down
Feel wrong when you see a frown
Is this connection?