Its that time of the day

Written by: Jude Michael

Its evening again and I look up and see,
The sun going to rest, clouds flowing free.
The traffic darting, the screaching horns,
The roses going to sleep, comforted by their thorns.

The darkness comes, and neon lights shine,
It lights up the sky, and the moon looks divine.
Glittering stars spread over the sky,
While the boy at the corner is cunningly telling the girl, a lie.

I walk along the path that I know by-heart,
People hustling by, a man selling shapeless tarts.
I look around to find anyone I know,
Oh Lord! The loneliness again begins to grow.

I gather some pace and walk aimlessly ahead,
To an empty home with an empty bed.
Grant me deliverance God, I fervently pray,
Am sinking Lord, its that time of the day!