Broken Bride

Written by: Margaret Foster

It looked just like a quiet place
Though cold and dark inside
I’d scorned all the haunting tales of
The spectre of a bride

I saw it hanging in the room
A cob web, old and stale?
But as I peered through dusky gloom
I saw a wedding veil

Beneath the veil a small pinched face
Watched with cold dead eyes
And from her pale and bloodless lips
She uttered whimp’ring cries

A crimson stain was on her dress
She clutched a dripping knife
And on the floor a body lay
New husband of this wife

I’d heard, of course. But not believed
The things that people said
Of how the groom betrayed his bride
And how she stabbed him dead

But now she’s trapped inside a house
Where she can find no peace
For the girl who hanged for murder
The horrors never cease

I left this sad demented house
I left with no goodbye
For now I know behind these walls
A girl will ever cry

Contest: A Creepy, Scary Haunted House Poem, 

Margaret Foster Sept 2011