Written by: Leighann Anderson

Insomnia; a sly sprite inhibiting
the subconscious making it freeze
in mid-motion.
Stillness of the day regardless of
time the mind struggles to release
itself from the clutches of the
scaly paws of the sprite itself.
It seems to marvel and laugh at 
the expense of one’s suffering
and desperate attempts to succumb
to sleep.
It is taken for granted by many,
like most things that are expected
to be of normality.
Time passes creating a deep void that
fills with anger, annoyance and jealousy;
destructive essence trapped within a glass
bottle, like some sort of obscene concoction
in a chemistry set ready to explode in 
anyone’s face creating a comical effect
that mocks the true feelings of one’s 
immediate pain and dismal reflection;
dank and dreary. 
Insomnia is a frame of mind that never
settles in to calm projections of life;
always in replay and rewind.
Sleep is precious, it enables the
body to recharge and without it
one slowly sinks in to a pool
of everlasting despair and 
loneliness without hope of
being released from the scaly 
paws that tighten their grasp
with every toss and turn.