Written by: Jessica Arteaga

The pavement
A wonderment comes to mind of this naming of this stand on concrete;
slow paced concrete, hurry start, give me a chance for a chase type of concrete.
Who would chase me?
Who would chase me...
Maybe I should jolt down all these mouthing words in my mind.
 Takes out a pen and writes:
Maybe I should jolt down all these mouthing words in my mind.
So easy is the air
Let the wind form and past under my hands, so they may idle and try to grab
and when they catch nothing let them stay confused.
Only a second though
How easy the fool is senscory;
Eyes bewildered by light, will yell fear to the mind
and the mind would question the heart "What happened?"
and the heart would become nervous not knowing the answer,
trying so hard beating faster, not knowing that it has no such purpose.
Yet...if the pace to quick: HEARTATTACK
I know they're* are two words, but it felt more impactful together.
I know that they're should of been there* but we should learn to accept our failures.
For all we know what we learn is wrong.
Yet we demand so many to learn the same, 
when those so many are happy with their own teachings.
Why such a bother
Why such a bother?
Why bother.
The pavment
Back to it of course
When removed will the dirt beneath it be paved;
Will it be rich and black filled with creatures scattering from the sunlight;
running from a light and heat they fear, for they not know its touch.
If only they could embrace it.
I wonder if that is what the moth said to the butterfly...
Still wondering
At least there is pavement here, 'cause there are many roads without;
many with bright, dim, or no light.
And if you keep searching for an easy walk
you'll never have the run.