A Letter to Elizabeth

Written by: Terrell Martin

Dear Elizabeth,
From the deep ocean floor of my soul  
I cannot convey
How much appreciation, thanks and gratitude 
I feel for you, for being
So decent and kind
As to fill me daily and completely
With thoughts and words from your lovely mind 
Concerning the uniqueness and simplicity of my own.

While I am a mere seedling of words to live by,
You are a fully grown Sequoia, complete  
With roots, trunk, limbs and leaves filled with 
Immeasurable molecules of thought and inspiration.   

You are also one of the very few, who
Take the time to read
Above, below and between the lines
And rarely, if ever criticize
Even when criticism is overdue.
Simply put, I think the world of you.

And although we’ve never met 
I’m willing to bet
If we ever came eye to eye
I’d see your soul and you’d see mine
From down below and farther still
Into the ever expanding, blue-black sky.
I don’t even know why.

Other than there’s a purity in your heart 
That shines like gold 
In the early morning sun.  
Keep shining.  
It’s transforming and uplifting 
And gives to myself and others
The light we need 
To keep going  
And flowing, like rivers to the stars.

And should we meet up there, somewhere, some when
I’ll know you well my friend
And pray you don’t forget me from afar.  Ever

So dearly and sincerely,
A grateful, faithful, fellow Poet