You'll Be Glad You Said It

Written by: Erin Beckett

Yes, it hurts that your eyes are shining and measuring
to show deep concern,
and fearful.
But I'm glad you said it.

Had you not, the turn
I might've taken could have hurt
us all.

So let me carry my weight away mechanically
by instinct, the loser 
this time, and all

the times before that reason has returned
after the first sting of honesty
slid against the grain,
should comfort

you from your other side with the dirt 
of your experience. Mine,
is yet too empty.

So I'll swallow my pride, and let it be 
filled up at a reasonable pace
with all the knowledge
of the Good,

than I could ever obtain by saving face.
So when this hot-blood subsides,
and small-minded hands that seek
easy glory rest,
and all is back in its place,

then Things will be fine,
and you'll be glad you said it.