oh my god

Written by: Anthony Barrow

It's a must that I discuss why I'm disgusted these days, it's because there's not enough of the discussion of ways. That all of us can make a fuss to readjust and just raise, kick up sand take a stand for what would better our days. Indeed we need to heed and read the bible to know, that it's a fact that all attacks come from the devil below. It's also known that we're shown how to overcome sin, by being obedient to the ingredients that's been added within. The ruler gave us rules that only fools would ignore, and furthermore he insured that his love would endure. To each and all who do call upon the lord jesus christ, and stay steadfast to his grasp will always last through the fight. If you decide not to abide by the laws from on high, it's your own fault when you're caught and your soul has to die. As for me I want to be where I can feel free, and be proud to say out loud thank you .O. M. G.