Winter Is Coming

Written by: Grobb Johnson

Winter is coming you can't stop it if you try,
look up above its grayish hue fills the sky.
Winter is coming and so is the cold.
Bringing with it all, of the stories you've been told.
Winter is coming, feel its grip, feel it's chill.
Go ahead embrace it, if you dare, if you will.
Winter is coming now what have to eat,
and what have you with, to wrap your poor feet.
Winter is coming, where's the fire, the wood.
Try to stay warm but if only you could.
Winter is coming where'd everything go.
Its all gone away, all now covered in snow.
Winter is coming the nights shall grow long.
In the dead of the cold everything will go wrong.
Winter is coming it won't stop it don't care,
it's chilling embrace can be felt in the air.
Winter is coming the frost and the ice.
The inviting disguise of death looking nice.
Winter is coming you can't escape it's wide path,
soon you will feel the frozen white wrath.
Winter is coming, you can't run you can't hide.
Do you not dare, to even go step outside?
Winter is coming, it's misery too.
Winter is coming.
What will you do?