A letter of understanding

Written by: peter Onyancha

A letter of Understanding

A memo from my boss
Just days gone by, it read
I ask, understand, the economy is under
I got to cut a piece from your pay

Then a letter from the landlord
Undersigned by the lawyer
Understand, it starts
The market is under
I got to raise the rent

The electric bill is funny
But the water bill is funnier
The both blame the rain that takes long to come
And when it comes it’s too much to bear
So understand the slight change for now

Not that the fare was fair
I fear there’s something to understand
It is fueled by fuel 
So, just a little more is fair

My house help
Has looked at me
She is wondering if I really understand
Where she stands
 I understand, the economy stinks

Now in my hands’ a letter today
From my baby’s school, another from the Nanny Nursing home
Will my child understand why I don’t want to open the letters?
And my pregnant wife
Will she understand why I want her to delay the pangs?
Or will I understand