Murphy's Lesser Known Laws

Written by: RALPH TAYLOR

"Light travels faster than sound".
A fact that appears quite unique.
Conversely, sometimes people appear to be bright,
until after you hear them speak!

Things don't always stay the same
if you know what I mean?
Consequently, "Change is inevitable".
(except from a vending machine)

Patience can be a misnomer,
so don't let yourself be coerced.
The "Things that come to those who wait",
are what's left, by those that got there first!

To get "Justice by going to trial",
can turn out to be kinda fruity!
You're putting your trust in 12 people,
not smart enough to avoid jury-duty.

What is "a fine and a tax"?
Well friend, it's easy to tell.
A "fine"  is a tax for doing wrong.
A "Tax" is a fine for doing well!

I've gone thru all my poetry notes
and this is the best I can do.
It's probably not what you're looking for, 
but I'll leave that up to you!  

Ralph Taylor