Written by: Marilyn Hernandez

Like the multiple images portrayed
Between two mirrored walls
She takes on many roles
Only she can embody each one

Grandmother, mother, sister, daughter
Wife, mistress, girlfriend, lover
Employer, colleague, student, teacher
Companion, caretaker, partner, friend

The only one that can birth life
Although hers is, too often, taken for granted
In this so-called “man’s world”
She sacrifices it all

Admire her beauty
Whether it is skin deep
Natural or artificial
She is perfectly flawed

Her skin firm and supple
Or soft and plump
Sagging or wrinkled
Young or old

Be grateful for her nourishment
Her mother’s milk
Her nurturing chicken soup
Her warm embrace

For she endures when all seems lost
She unites when hearts are broken
She will love unconditionally
She alone can heal you or hurt you like no other

Her bond is the hardest to sever
For once upon a time, you were one
So appreciate her
Love her

For she is weak enough to forget her own strength
Strong enough to admit she is weak
Imperfect, graceful, powerful, intuitive, beautiful