Unsightly Life

Written by: Shagesa Mattheeuw

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger, isn’t it?
Then why can’t you get over the pain and sadness?
Well, guess maybe we’re residing on another planet
With another flow of life and another reality system 
Gazing upon the starry night sky, wondering what if
What if you could wake up one morning and be happy
No wings and you are falling, falling from a high cliff
Sad memories, are devouring you unbelievably slowly
Eyes closed or opened, only loneliness is what you see
People’s negative talk about you are filling your head
And their whisper invade your heart, making you lonely
The darkness you’re living in is like the echoes of dead
You never asked to be born and you never asked to be alive
But since you are, poor child, make the best out of your life