Shadow Life

Written by: Jack Ross jr.

Blood, sweat, tears, sorrows and my soul spray from
my heart onto the canvas of my life. Pulling me down,
baptizing me in quicksand, suffocating, demoralizing,
draining my energy, disconnecting me from any hopes of
happiness. Years are fleeting, wounds still bleading from
the betrayers, the losses, the injuries, the illness, pain
that I have know.

Lonliness my constant companion sucking the life out of me.
I am too tired to fight anymore, I yield letting the vortex pin
me to the bottom where this journey will come to an end.
My words have no meaning, my mind is empty, I haven't made
a difference, no works, no victories. I am nothing, dust in the
wind, an echo, a song never heard, the canvas is black, no
color, no symmetry, nothing for the eye to see. I am nebulous,
a dream that never was, a truth never spoken, a question
never posed.