Lost Years

Written by: Tom Wright

For those we've met in life we've had some say,
Not why God introduced them there.
But whether we'd embrace, or back away,
Or permit leaving, trusting God for their care.

Between this separation and re-entry,
Passed a span of time counted as "Lost Years".
Missing days enumerated to a quarter century,
Yet, for us, were ensconced with love and fears.

As we now glance hinder, as if into a pool,
We weigh, if those lost years we could reverse.
Would years be found the same or less cruel;
Perhaps those imperative years were to rehearse?

So, our dear sister in Christ, rue not lost years,
For we feel God has put aside our best for last.
And as for sadness, let us bottle mental tears,
While basking in the goodness that He has cast.

The sum of our experiences have made us who we are today,