Fallen Knight

Written by: Ian Petch

Fealty in service of love
For what I had came from above
Shadows fled wherever I stepped
They smiled back at me, knowing the end

A kingdom pure; innocent in peace
Its fires bright, my sword always sheathed
But I was scared of losing her heart
The wars I’d seen could tear it apart

Shadows spoke of crumbling walls
The city’s strength was starting to fall
The rising moon whispered of fate
A darkness within began to awake

A kingdom I could never let die
Such beauty, I thought, could never be mine
I dreamt of loss, and had nightmares of doubt
When I awoke, the monster was out

My precious home, besieged and at war
I heard the screams of thousands or more
I rose at once, unsheathing my rage
Toward the heart I slaughtered and maimed

This kingdom I swore to protect
My queen was lost, and a monster was left
I thrust my sword through to its heart
The pain I dealt was only the start

The sun arose, burning my eyes
I dropped the sword, and began to realise
My love is lost, and the shadows were me
This monster killed his beautiful queen