Love's Fruit

Written by: Afolabi Taiwo

Among your orchard grooves lemon green grew
At first the dream-like pear-shape eyes
Until i parted and stared closely 
Into your cherries iris pupils
That aim the Cupid's arrow, 
Piercing through my reddened apple
Puncturing a spring full of blood
That gushed to overwhelm my melon soul,
Until the supple roundness
Of a ripe pregnant papaya,
Caresingly whispers a soft rub,
And i was lustful in your tutti-frutti roundness,
Like a lonely sherry 
Once bitten, she is smitten.
Whet daga slid through desired pink strawberry,
Licked the naked sweetened and soured juice
Pineapple's bloom-lipped enveloped tongue-suckled till dripping,
A connoisseur sipping fine grape-wine from ancient casks,
Drunk to stupor,
And after, i offer the grace olive kiss of devotion,
Forever still dream-crossed, dragging the steely banana
From the depth of your throbbing tangerine heart,
And i was lustful in your tutti-frutti roundness ,
Through your crush wet eyes 
You silently chew the plum of quietude
And i climbed to pluck the figs of a trusting heart.  

Afolabi Taiwo