The Comfort of a Drunken mind

Written by: steven cooke

The Comfort of a Drunken Mind

Lipstick on an empty glass
A Memory of a smile
In my time, don’t you know?
Young girls vied for my attention
Always posing, Heartbreaker to women was I.

God, I will never see her smile again
her voice silent to me
Inside I am a flower without rain
A musician without music
My love waits in a queue,
Full of fools, and whiskey bottles
Ahhh another drink

Yes tomorrow, will be better

 I remember her stare,
Sitting on that chair,
That damn chair.
Drink Darling?
My Blossom of the night,
a smooth talker me.

I broke her dreams
Now Petals on a stormy sea
I remember her scent
Now washed away on the hurricanes breath
Called Whisky.

Ahh another drink, she won’t leave me?
Damn that empty chair
To bed, the morning will bring her back

The bottle sleeps
and the sandman paints his  illusions
Dreams invulnerable to reality.
The glow of dawn, incinerates these imposters
 Fabricated in the monsoon of a drowning brain

 Cornflakes and Barley wine, a man’s breakfast
What now, a snifter I think and another thought?

Love has left this empty chair
Where dreams and happiness dwelt
Where futures were planned
and Where love flowed, intoxicating our lives.
Still, the empty glass remains.
Ahh, another drink, and another illusion to comfort my soul

The bottle is my love now,
And the empty chair, my sentence.
That damned empty chair
Ahh did I tell you,  once I was a heartbreaker?
Come share a drink with me friend?