Take me out to sea

Written by: Green Trees

Take me out to sea,
To swim among the fishes,
To glide between mountains,
To sail far from the break of this surf,
Take me out to sea,
Where I can set sail and be free,
No worries, just somewhere I can be me
Without being seen
Where things seem so calm,
After time and time again,
The steady winds roll me over this vast pool
This vast world, closer to the edge
Closer to the end, throwing anchors
Who's tails reach for the marianas trench
subduct my soul, my ship is swallowed
now alone, a turtle without it's shell
How will I survive?
I thought things would be so easy
So pleasant, at the shore
These travelogues and monologues
Displaying beauty around the world,
With sands running for miles
I said take me out to sea
To better me with beauty
to help me see the calmness of the sea
With the breeze through my skin
and the salt settling in,
Why aren't things as they seem?
The surge rises and falls,
Well I have seen the unpredictable,
I was taken out to sea to meet the ocean inside of me