Write it in my heart

Written by: elizabeth lepapa

I wish I were a tree and no matter the times am cut down; my roots will still be planted in your heart. If I were a ship I would vote you as the captain of my heart, for you I will lay asunder. If this was a novella, you would be televisa ‘the greatest broadcaster’ and I would be the greatest writer. It would sell big time with your charm and golden heart driving everybody nuts. Your sizzling eyes and angel smile awaking all buried happiness. Your muscled frame sending all in awe, like you drive me crazy. You will be the window of my heart gaping whenever necessary. Whenever I look outside for comfort, you would be the smiling sky, you would be the fresh air for my calmness, you would sweep away the pain and whisper words of hope to me, all my dreams would come true. You will be the lock that protect my fragile heart and the watch that never delay my expectations. I would be your cell phone, you will be my password. Your fingers printing themselves all over my body; every click would be unforgettable moment. If only the stars can sign this I can ink you all over my heart, and the angels can be my witness.