justice rejected

Written by: Anthony Barrow

It's a crime when time is wasted in this nation to sue, claims that only aim for you to get screwed. Courts continue cases that can never connect, that are intended for defendants who never knew what was next. It's confusing when they're using and abusing the law, raw deals seem real but not really at all. Too many judges judging justice in an unjust way, and I feel the wheels of justice have so long gone astray. No role models to follow when many turn their back, so what's the point of being appointed if your points are off track? Life lessons that ancestors tried to teach back then, although heeded are still needed in the times that we're in. But then again we're living in a world of change, that's arranged so strange everyone's feeling pain. We have a choice to use our voice as a tool to be heard, but what's the use if we do choose not to say a word?  So stop complaing if it's raining and you're still getting wet, if you don't use your umbrella stop getting upset. It's ashame and lame to blame everyone else, if we do nothing about something we brought out on ourself.