A Love Letter To Mama

Written by: Ingibo Benson

Dear Mama,
How are you?
How are you, mother of my loving childhood?

Thy generous spirit is a beckon in my mind
Thou hast thou me always to be kind
You hands are ever diligent as the Virtuous Woman
My heart tickles at the sight of you mama

Thy love flows gently as the river
Into the crooked stream of my heart
How awesome is thy tender love!

I'm honoured to be cuddled in the fortress of your arms
To be calmed by the wisdom of your soothing tongue
In your heart's treasure are little gifts of loving deeds
Your supplication to God for me are as the myriad sand
How I love thee, O my peculiar friend!

Thy heart was made to love and for such a tender heart
True love cannot but be requited
Your love is the aromatic plant, seasoning my life
Now I envision a routine of charity
To this world saved by a sacrificial love
Which is the truest love of all

I'd be an epitome of compassion
I cross my heart mama
My heart is made fat with kindness
I drank the nectar of love
And my soul is willing to give back
O! life in love is most beautiful!
Great father for me, mama
And the little baby, Adamma