Love in a time of riots

Written by: Laurie Avadis

I met you outside a ransacked footlocker
Your fingers touched mine, entwined 
As we pushed a Tesco’s trolley
Through the window 

Shards of broken glass fell upon your shoulders
And into your hoodie
Like glistening amethysts
Flecked in their reflected hearts
With the blood orange glint
Of burning shops and perfect hatred

I bent down 
And offered  you
A single perfect red trainer
Its lace a thorned stem

We were alone on the planet in that moment
Our faces obscure behind football scarves 
But our sated purpose eloquently screamed from our eyes – destruction obtuse and divine 

If I had never known a love
Or known what a life with love can be
I knew it then as we were dragged away together  by our hair 
And smashed 
By special constables 
And smashed

Our landscape is empty, and we share it bitterly
But  the strength of the convictions you gift us 
Has led us to this demonstration of how powerfully 
And how singularly 
We love each other

And detest