Written by: Green Trees

Flowers, they appear so bright
The skylight, where everything appears to be right
Your life Is waiting for you to find it
To take control, to let go
Our hopes and expectations,
Leave them all behind
Freedom, carelessness
Do not fear death
Hold me in your mind,
On your tongue,
In your arms,
You are my angel, my muse,
Oh all those who do not mind
If we live or if we die
The mind is all we have
Our hearts, caught on fishing strings
Hooked, with when's and why's
Squinting to find the dealers hands
Which cards we are handed
So run with me, and swim in this ocean of endless life
Reaching the trenches we subliminate our souls
Giving up to something dark, all because our lights were dimmed
Failure to charge, you remain a hollow coward
Swimming to the surface I float
With eyes and gaping holes visible to shore
That is all I show
I appear alone, 
Although never lonely,
I confess my heart keeps my mind company