The Ones Who Bleed, Scar And Move On

Written by: Nai Art

I wish and I want
I take and I take
I plead and I need

Why does eveyone think the world revolves around themselves
Just worry about nothing but ''Me, me, me!''
There's a splendor of encounters out there, places filled with new experiences
You'll have to wait and see
That the heart ache and the pain
Won't ever get the best of the voice within
And the world doesn't revolve around me
It revolves around the strongest, kindest, purest of us all

You wish and you want
You stand forever and to yourself, you must stay true
You wait and you wait but nothing seems to ever await you

The ones who kept fighting and never gave up,
The ones who had every reason to wish for death but kept themselves alive,
The ones who'd never believe just how beautiful they are,
On the outside and inside,
The ones who bleed and scar
And move on,
The ones who are thankful for not having a backspace button in their lives. . .
'Cause everything makes you who you are