SEPT 11th

Written by: DINA SCALIA

Where were you on this tragic day
No matter what you were doing it made us all want to kneel and pray
I took a train ride to the city a few days before
Not knowing what the future had in store
I came off the train at WTC
In awe and splendor of all that was in front of me
A world of its own
Too good to be true
You'd would of had to see it for yourself
It was gone too soon
As i turned to my husband i said to him,
"Wow, We are really nieve to think this wouldnt be used as a terrorist plot"
A saying i wish i could have forgot
Look what happened just as a few days past by
A day to remember that makes everyone cry
A tragedy that will be forever in our hearts,
That happened to a country that can never be torn apart