Proud someday

Written by: elizabeth lepapa

Today I was filled with anger, Going down to the cyber, In a path brewing brown smoke, As if to look down upon me, A four wheeled hissed chocolate smolder to my structure, I couldn’t see a meter away, Why do people have to act this way? I know my standings, That kind of abuse is far from humanity, She stared through the tinted windows With a mocking laughter, My long slit leso skirt turned color, I seemed barefooted with my sandals resembling the gravel, I turned a mine digger that sooner, My heart was frayed to pieces, Bestowing the pain to all my cubicles, Am tired of excuses from this life, That deprives me sanity to live, The monster is always there to destruct my peace, No matter what I do is the same phase, Am eating time to change this fate, A day I will have my ride, I won’t have to showcase my pride, The day I offload this state of a beggar, But still respect my roots altogether, You don’t have to worry of the struggle, Anticipate victory at the end of this gamble, One day I’ll plane with you along, Be sure that day I will ink a new song, To remember the wrecked artery I have walked along