Of two hearts

Written by: Neil Mcdonald

                                 Harrowing the heart

                     “Will you be my Valentine” she stuttered,
                      lips melting in a heart-shaped blush.
                     “Yes sure” he lushed , clasping her to his clement chest
                  And sure…

                     the red god, collapsing in the west
                     spotted him, arrowing 
                     in frenzied abandon
                     the furry labiated heart,
                     wedged tightly between another’s heaving hips .           


 	                  Homing the heart

                                 A spotted butterfly
                    flutters breezily towards its nest of whirring wings .

                                 A coral train
                     snakes electrified towards its station of expectant workers.

                     And I….
                     sit here harping on a hapless heart without a home