For Bobby

Written by: E.J. Smith

Look me in the face, old man
Don't stare at the ground!
Hold up your head, old man
Don't shuffle around,

And don't call me "miss", old man
I ain't missed a thing!
Except being your equal, old man
Don't worry, you won't hang.

Times have changed, old man
Don't you know we can talk?
As friends do, old man
You need  not balk!

When I say, old man
Look me in the face
There's no such thing, old man,
As "keeping your place."

Times have changed, old man
We are equals now
No "woman", no "colored", old man
No need to  bow.

I'm not angry at you, old man
It's the ones before
Who beat you down, old man
Till you could rise up no more.

Rise up now, old man!
For all the world to see
That you are proud, old man
As all  men  should be!