Written by: Amy Kramer

because of my color you wanted to be my lover
and because of my heart I chose to go farther 
and now I suffer
I was just a show
part of the game
even though no entry was paid
my love was free
and you wanted to display me
because of my color I was something of wonder
a new land for your hands to wander 
you found new ground 
had time to see me out
for a minute 
only for a minute 
then my color fades back to white 
I'm no longer the rainbow you had in sight 
and I was something to explore 
then you shut the door 
and my light fades
back to sad days 
when my sky was full of rain
my heart is full of pain
and no rainbow is in sight 
the storm will pass, but not without a fight
I have no energy to fight.
maybe someday I'll be another rainbow 
in another sky
but I was just a color
a color you wanted to try.