love misunderstood

Written by: mary abdali

He doesn't know how to love,
To stand unarmed in a war inside,
To be helpless in controlling desire,
To sacrifice , to compromise,
To lose everything for her smile,
Her satisfaction above his comfort zone,
Conveying disappointment without raising his tone,
Thinking about her beauty,acknowledging it without words,
Yelling on top of his lungs,accepting defeat just to infer,
He never dreamed with eyes open,
He didn't hear the tales unspoken
He was unaware of the joys of pain
The pleasure of presenting yourself to be slain,
He didn't know what love was,
Neither did he mean to hurt,
He didn't know about the bruises that made her blue and sore,
How desperately she wanted to reach to the shore,
To take him to the other side of his own soul,
He tried his best to save her out,
little did he know, he was supposed to drown,
The sea was love, calling out was she,
he didn't hear her say come here with me,
Take a leap of faith, my darling you will be free!