Frog's Always Smile

Written by: Debbie Knapp

Frog’s Always Smile!     9/8/11
Magical creatures’ the keepers of secrets for centuries are frogs! My friend it’s what gives reason to smile, yes they have knowledge. When one looks deep into their eyes along with that eye to eye grin you feel things stirring.
Happy they are sitting in the dark listening to the world, watching what goes on holding yet another secret. How many times did you whisper in the night or do something when no one was there to see or hear? Frogs sitting about smiling know your secret.
Fairy tale princess’s kissed her frog who indeed yes; was her prince! Long ago frogs and magic powers would blend. Look past the frog see the grin from eye to eye. Why do you think he smiles? The princess knew.
What Witch’s Stew was finished without a frog? A witch new the power of frogs and the wisdom held within. Bubble and brew complete with a frog or two.
Warriors knew juice of a frog would poison intruders and kill them in seconds. A battle won by this little frog the keeper of secrets who always smiles knowing centuries of secrets. Beautiful in color, deadly to touch you see things aren’t always what they seem.
 	Next frog you see be gentle what lies beneath the big grin and wide, dazed eyes might be a bit of magic from centuries ago. Things might happen if you hold this frog with a wish in mind, perhaps kiss, pet, or gently talk to him. Beware if you do him harm before you know life will turn bad for you now that you know; for his last smile will be what’s happening to you!
                                                                               Debbie Knapp.