free at last

Written by: ken carlson

Its a revolution

Time to crown the champion

Although we may be singing sad songs

About the comrades we've lost

They fought with their faces to their foes

Like the Irish men they never lost hope

Rise up it was time for us to defy all odds

It was our time i think it all adds up

We've bee silent as tyrants rose

We've watched as they trampled on us

But enough is enough

We are going to rise like dough

Were diplomatic and reject the use of force

We should show and example one which the others will carry across

Our neighbors and comrades have done the same

One without a game

Its time for us to state our game

Or better still regain our name

Not just the fame

Its a time of remembrance okay maybe a tale

Its not shopping neither is it a sale

Their boat has a new captain its time to open the sail

Their boat has a new captain its time hit n sail

Prosperity is on the way

We just have to wait

And maybe pull off the women’s veil

On that day we shall be on the front line

Our tyrants shall be sent to grind

Property is now in the hands of the masses

Little children play as the eat bite their naartjies

You can hear “zaminamina” in the skies

The people have won their fight

Its time to rejoice

A memory to keep