I love you- No more

Written by: Dana Oraibi

Care, love and respect?
Haha, who am i kidding
All you showed me was neglect

I can't believe i trusted you
With all my heart I did
I can’t believe I thought you were true
You’re just like them all, another little kid

Yes I said you were special
I said you were caring too
Sorry, i take all that back
I'm also sorry i misjudged you

You called me your bestfriend
Well so did I
But asking what was wrong?
No, you wouldn't even try

I never learn my lesson
And I got to make a confession 
These months, none of  them were worth it
Maybe one was, just a little bit

I thought you were different
I was very wrong
But now I learned that I’m strong

Hurt? No, its not something I now feel
No lies are told over here

You might think I’m heartless
To say i love you no more
But one thing I learned
Was how to use my heart less
To avoid all this pain
To  never  feel like this again

You can take all I told you as lies 
Cause baby I'm done, I said all my goodbyes