The Eagle

Written by: James Chenevert

Spread your wings and fly,oh you bird so beautiful,
"The Monark of the sky."
Your wings spread in splendor,your flight silent, and yet, so swift.
Eyes that are piercing,always on your prey.
They never seem to drift.
You soar to heights high above the ground.
You glide like a kite,circling around and around.
Your colors are an array of beauty,
mixed with the golden sunlight.
You can be seen from a long way off,
an "Eagle" solitare,so free in flight.
You're mysterious, bold and cunning.
And again, humble and shy,
Why must you become extinct?
Can't they hear your cry?
Let me fly free,to show the grace of my kind.
I will be illusive, a bird so hard to find.
But if you destroy me and wipe my species out,
who will hear my cry of life as I boldly shout.
For I am an "Eagle" such a beautiful sight.
A humble bird alone hid in fear from man,
riding the wind in illusive flight.