The wild wood flowers

Written by: Bobb Marly

6 Sept 2011  9:00 PM

Lay me down in the wild wood flowers
Where as a child I would play for hours and hours

Leaping as a lamb strengthening my legs
Exploring as Long John Silver and his old wooden peg

My friend she would come and together we’d play 
I’d crawl like a lion and stalk her like prey

Then pretending to drink tea first her then me
The grandest pick nick that no one can see

The sun would get hot and we would take a dip
In the sea of many colors we splashed and flipped

Tired from all the floundering around
We’d find a shade and then lay down

Staring at the sky as we rest and day dream
Finding shapes in the clouds wondering what they might be

My Sister and I grew apart through the years
Growing up and running out to face our fears

She has her place and I have mine
Misunderstandings are like prison time

Waiting for the call of reprieve
That lightens family hearts and sets them free

I reminisce of the by gone day 
When in the wild wood flowers we would play