Written by: Pat McCoy

Welcome to my garden,child
I'm sssure you will be pleasssed
With all my flowersss growing
and my enchanted apple treesss
Follow me to the orchard
ssso you may underssstand
All the knowledge to be given if
you only take the chance
Your bright eyesss glow with wonder
and curious anxiety
SSSo bite into thisss apple and
you will truly sssee what isss to be....

The heavensss fall to darknesss
for your Father had forbode
You decieved hisss only warning from
the liesss you have been told
You had everything you've needed
and ssso you wanted more
You face,now,my obscuritiesss
Your Father closed the door
I am the ssserpent of this world
called devil,demon,sssin
You have fallen to my prey
for I have sssucked you in
The firssst lessson you have learned
from wisssdom you have sssought
Do not ever trussst a sssnake
for all sssoulsss can be bought!!!