My Heart's Story

Written by: Fantise Mack

My heart was sealed away from unwanted pain
My heart cried when friendships was forced astray
Many tried to unlock my heart but I pushed away
My heart refused to be broken again in any way
And thats the way it went day by day
Then i meant you and everything changed
My heart turned against you thinking "you're all is the same"
But you flipped the script leaving my mind blank
As my heart got to know you it started to warm
Leaving me breathless and wanting so much more
Fear crept in reminding me of before
But it was just too late
You had the key to unlock the forbidden door
Before my heart meant you
My heart gave up on finding "the one"
Settling for less than what it truly want
Finding true happiness was just a dream
Being accepted and having some feelings returned was reality
There was no such thing as "true love"
That only existed in Disney movies and fairy tales
But you're starting to make my heart believe again..........................