Written by: lynn Hanna Barany

My friend called from Arizona
Says it's pretty hot,
He sent me a little gift,
He's in Arizona, But I'm not.

My sister-in-law went to Europe
Told me to give it a thought,
Sent me a lovely postcard,
She's in Europe, but I'm not.

My neighbour is moving to the coast
For his house he got a lot,
He's living by the ocean
He's on the coast, but I'm not.

My girfriend is a computer whiz
Was always from the start,
She bought herself the best there is,
She's smart, but I'm not.

My ex- husband is very rich
Lots of things he's bought,
He drives a brand new fancy car,
He's rich, but I'm not.

I know many different people
And love they've often sought,
Not one friend to call their own,
They're unhappy...BUT I'M NOT.

Lynn Barany