You Bad

Written by: Diondra Johnson

Yeah you
bad alright.
But tell me bro can
you handle your fight?
I hate funny
acting boys.
Tryna play me
like a toy.
See, you got
the game twisted.
As soon as I leave
you gone be missin' it.
Now, I love you,
truly I do.
But why you tryna
play me, boo?
I hate to
be ignored.
Cause y'all know
I go hard core.
Step up to the plate
or get dissed.
And I'm tellin' you bro
you ain't gone be missed.
I'll be honest with
you though.
I really ain't
feelin' you no mo'.
I'm gettin' tired
of your games.
To be honest
your lines are lame.
I thought we would
last to the end.
But baby it's best
that we be friends.