Heavy Baggage

Written by: Gina Young

I carry this 30 pound bag wherever I go,
Some call this item a purse,
I say burden!
pink wallet with metallic stars
  (not alot within except an unused gift card and an ID)
12 hair ties, all black
2 bottles nail polish
  (1 is Lagoon blue, 1 is something called Rant)
6 dollars in change
2 books
lint roller
make-up bag
2 kinds of perfume
  (a girl needs to smell pretty)
cell phone
2 lighters
5 pens, 2 pencils
notebook for poems
Sour Patch Kids and Swedish Fish
hand lotion
2 magazines
mp3 player
eye glasses with case
name tag for work
antibiotics and pain relievers
and a random cat toy, a blue mouse.

What a mess!