Written by: sandeep menon

Breaking a glass is as striking
that it will shatter 
a thousand dreams and colours before you
in unending silence 
after a brief, touching noise…
Then you will not fail to notice 
a vague collage that it has carved for you…

A flower petal, a leaf or a rain cloud
will emerge out of its haphazard chemistry.
A bird may flutter away
from its bizarre wild 
to an empty blue.
In jumbled layers of uncertainty 
it will create disjointed diagrams
and uncanny outlines of misery and disbelief….

Or it will narrate you
those tales of ignored past
in a broken syntax of elusive memory.
You can stand witness
to that distressed piece
which will shed its last hope of togetherness
and abruptly fall apart to form 
a world of its own...
It will render your mind
a monochrome world 
of meaning and mystery…

It eventually reminds you,
one day you too can cross the threshold
of an invisible castle in the sky
and keep your heart safe
from shattering into numberless fragments…