his greatest tool

Written by: John Castro

angels dip their wings in death 
and reap the land of all its breath

they obey the word of God 
or forever roam the land of nod 

sent to slay the children in their sleep 
to lay them down their souls to keep 

to send the deathly pall and plague 
and to fulfill the prophecies made 

earthly elements become their form 
and the hearts of men were warned 

but in this twist of faith and fate 
humans do the angels hate 

far from grace they did fall 
from that place, no return at all

to destroy the earth they must 
fill it full of greed and lust 

let men kill each other off 
as winters fill with blood and frost 

but the hearts of men grow weary 
in the aftermath of all Gods fury 

the angels steal all the joy 
from all the little girls and boys 

and all is left is great contempt 
where eyes are darkened and backs are bent 

but only sorrow binds the fool 
as angels are his greatest tool