Locker Room Earth

Written by: Kyle kriticos

Everybody has a locker. 
It's where we live, it's who we are.
A number and a place.
Our expertise await us there, and with it, our destiny.
We find it or it finds us. 

Mohammed Ali had his eye on a locker with a championship belt inside. 
That was someone else's locker,
And people said he didn't know his place.
The critics were silenced when he wrapped his hands and put on gloves. 

Albert Einstein kept an odd locker!
Haphazard notes. Ridiculous theories.
The mathematical equivalent of a schizophrenic rant. 
Nobody knew this "lunatic" was rewriting science. 
He changed the world! 

There's an old locker in France that holds the sign of a warrior.
Battered armor and a well used blade. 
It speaks of a hero.  
This locker held the allegiance of a nation, and the respect of kings.
It now holds the ashes of a fierce fighter who's footprint dented Europe forever. 
She was a teenage peasant named Joan of Arc. 

Everybody has a locker.
We find it or it finds us.
We can either hang our coats,
Or walk on. 

By Kyle Ezra Kriticos